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Harriet Hawkins would have turned two this April and it is a daily torment for her parents to imagine what their little girl would be like now. Harriet’s first smile, first tooth, first steps — these are all the treasured milestones lost to Dr Hawkins, 48, and his wife Sarah, 34 (both pictured left, today, and right, cradling Harriet shortly after she was born).Instead, Harriet (inset, at her 20 week scan) lies in a hospital mortuary, 20 months after she was stillborn at Nottingham City Hospital on April 17, 2016 — the same hospital where both parents worked — following a traumatic six-day labour.But his plan was foiled after FBI agents posed as dealers then intercepted the deadly delivery.A fountain with pictures of Diana and Dodi al Fayed was built in at the London store, shortly after the couple's death in a Paris car crash in 1997.Passenger Mike Gregory, 35, said he was covered in dozens of itchy bites after taking a £4,000 flight from London to Cape Town to spend the New Year with his family.

This will enable firms to tailor deals to them by analysing their spending. For the sake of their own sanity, these are thoughts that must be pushed aside.

Avid foodie Meghan likes to dine at chic Italian restaurant Bocca di Lupo in Soho and is partial to a bike ride with Made in Chelsea pal Millie Mackintosh.

She also devotes her time to yoga, which she’s been practising for several years - taking after her mum Doria who was a yoga teacher.

The BA Gold Card holder had left London at 9.30pm the previous day and settled down to sleep but woke in the morning to find spots of blood on his pillow.

‘I had an incredibly itchy waist, torso and hands,’ he said.

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