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Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. No fewer than 1218 bulls, valued at 60,000^., and 6730 horses, valued at 20,000^., were killed during the exhibition. hastened to forget their local teachers and to advocate the principles of realism as the foundation of all things. An interesting insight into the painter's own way of thinking is afforded by the kindly, courte- ous, and sympathetic manner in which Spinola, the victor, recei Yos the submission of the unfortunate Justin of Nassau; the official re- presentation of the same event by Leonardo (No. *La Virgen del Rosario' (Virgin with the rosary); B82-885.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. The Bull Ring is generally of the shape its name indicates. ^Ir W^ z ^ Zurbarak, An tonio del Caat i Uo, Alonso Cano^ [ Muri UOj and j Tb . as't Hey afterwards dlf- fered, all "began in this severe school. 767 in the ante- room 12a) shows that there was no warrant for this conception of the scene either in actual fact or in the wish of the king (Philip IV.) . Parable of the Prodigal Son (sketches for the pictures at Stafford House in London).

The traveller has to rely more on himself in Spain than in al- most any other country of Europe. The cold and precise manner of these painters corresponds closely with the reserved, formal, and etiquette-bound personages they painted. ), Christ, the Virgin, and John the Baptist (half-figures); 690. In the middle of the gallery stands a mosaic table resembling that just mentioned; and near it are two show-cases containing objects in cut crystal , precious stones , and metal, few of high value. Venus listening to a young musician, probably a replica by the master himself of No.

g., in the demeanour of shop-keepers, will often seem to border on positive incivility. He was followed byp ANTOJA DE LA Cruz (1651-1610), the court-painter of Philip III., who, though stiff and conventional, possesses some interest on account of his elaborate studies of the dress of his time. end of it, containing Italian Wobks op the 16- 17th Centuries. dedicating his infant son to Victory after the battle of Lepanto, a somewhat unsuccessful allegory, painted by the master in his 91st year, but still showing some fine colouring; 459. The Marquis del Vasto addressing Ms troops, vigorously coloured (ca.

Though the ordinary man in Spain has a very clear notion of right and wrong and is as a rule fairly honest and honourable, it is better not to trust to the sense of justice of cabmen and the like. His Christ on Calvary, in the large hall of the sacristy, shows a power of intel- ligent characterization and a mastery of artistic materials that prom- ised great things. 1560-1625) already sound all the strings to w Meh the painting of the 17th cent, owes its soeeess. Velazquez^ Half-length portrait of the artist's wife (daughter of the painter Pacheco). Bacchan- alian Scene, full of sensuous charm, but so damaged in its colour that it is no longer on a par with its pendant No. Raphael, 'Madonna del Pesce', a work of warm and vigorous colouring, entirely by the master's own hand and akin in style to the Sistine Madonna; 1063. Sir A, Mare, Queen Mary of England, wife of Philip II., one of the painter's masterpieces. Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Most of the Bulls are reared in Andalusian establishments i'oae&ias), those of the Duke of Veragua and Sefior Mi6ra having the greatest reputation at present. About 4 or 5 hours before the exhibition they are placed in the dark Torilet adjoining the arena, whence they are finally driven into the ring, wearing the badge (devisa) of their breeder and goaded into as great a state of excitement as possible. Even his angels and other heavenly personages look like photographs of the ugly boys and girls he placed on his mode Ps stand, dressed in white linen drapery fresh from the laundry. Lucas Oranach ^^ Younger (not the Elder), Charles V. Marinu Sj Virgin and Child, in the style of Quinten Matsys; ♦1314, ^1315. School of Roger van der Weyden^ Large triptych, from the Oou Yent of St. Mary Magdalen in the desert, of rare beauty in expression, clear and bril Uant In colour; 990. Adoration of the Magi, his earliest known work (1619) ; 1085, 1103. Decorative views of the Fuente de los Tritones and the Calle de la Beina in the park of Aranjuez (comp. Two dwarfs of Philip IV., most repulsive little creatures but wonderful masterpieces of painting (late period). 'Las Me- ninas' or *La Familia*, representing Velazquez painting Philip f V. and his wife, painted with the aid of older portraits in 1644, long after their death. Half- length portraits of the master's daughters (? About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. — The Bull Fightbbs, like their victims, are usually Andalusians and are recruited almost entirely from the rural population. From the Union of Oastile and Aragon to the War of the Spanish Bncceesion. His female martyrs wear half-fashionable, half-fantastic costumes ar- ranged on a scheme of three colours, and their fashionably flat bosoms and pointed, bird-like faces resemble the curious figures of saints produced by Netherlandish artists at the end of the middle ages. hunting at Moritzburg with the Elector of Saxony (1544) ; 1525. Albrecht Durer, Adam and Eve (1507; copies at Florence and Mayence). Petrm Oris- ttts, Virgin and Child in a landscape ; 1860. Bosch^ Operation for the stone (the artists of these two works described by the catalogue as unknown) ; 1519. Aubert at Cambrai, with the Crucifixion in the middle, the Fall and the Last Judgment on the wings, and the Tribute Money on the outside. Ixion and Prometheus) and by El Oreco (Dom, Thtotocopu U; 2124, 2124c. The Long Gallery is divided into two sections, the first (extend- ing as far as the Room of Isabella U.) containing the Mastbbfiecbs OF THB Spanish School, while the second is devoted to Italian Masterpieces. Portraits, painted by the master when about twenty years old ; 1070. and Queen Marianne, who are seen reflected in a mirro T at the back ; in front is the little Princess Margaret, attended by her master of ceremonies, dwarfs, and maids of honour (*meninas'). Dwarf (said to be English), with a bull-dog; ♦1069. — Right wall, beginning at the bust of Murillo: 935. Waiters, portiers, and other servants are of absolutely no use in this matter, partly owing to their illiteracy and partly to their complete indifference to anything beyond their own particular sphere. These were mainly furnished by Titian to the order of Charles V. Their number was afterwards increased by the two Bacchanalian scenes from Ferrara and by numerous works^of Jac. Thus the Prado Gallery to this day contains the greatest collection of Venetian paintings outside Venice. Jacopo Tintoretto^ Sebastiano Veniero, the Venetian general; 383. Parmigianino ^ A lady and her three child- ren; **364. Paul and Antony, the hermits, with a fascinating and splendidly handled landscape (third period; 1669); 'i S8, Lorenzo Lotto, The betrothal ; 1666. George and the Dragon, a somewhat baroque composition (ca. — In the middle of the room is a fine table inlaid with Flor- entine mosaics, presented (along ^Ith others) to Philip II. Full and accurate information as to means of communication, the postal arrangements, the hours at which galleries and museums are open, and the like can seldom be obtained even in the hotel-offices. The most valuable part of the adornment of the Eacorial and the Palace of Madrid was the Venetian Paintings. 8(^a8tiano del Fiomho, Bear- ing of the Cross; 333. Jwon de Carreno, Count Potemkin, Russian ambassador to Spain.

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Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Those held during the dog-days and after the middle of O^ober are, however, the so-called Nooi Udda Sy an in- ■ feiioi and especially brutal variety of the sport, taken part in by r young bulls (nom Uos) and inexperienced fighters and attended only II by the lower classes. Spain and Catalonia, where trade and j industry flourish, bull-fights are held only on a few special festivals and during the annual fair (firia). Paintings of Pinturiechio and other members of the Umbrian school were also brought into the province by the Borgias (e.g. Rodrigo Borgia in the museum of Valencia), Those in the cathedral of Siguenza were imported by othei hands. Sur- render of Breda, painted in 1647 and widely known under the name of %as Lanzas'.

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