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With or without a war, unless it is nuclear annihilation of the Korean people, North Korea is now an established nuclear power to be reckoned with.

The Americans like it or not would have to accept this reality and live with it.

The Chinese and Russians would not allow a war in the Korean Peninsula and would do everything they could to prevent it happening and would fight the Americans if necessary.

What is frightening and dangerous is the reckless rhetoric and manouevres of the Americans that could be misread by the North Koreans and all hell breaks loose.

It will provide startups with mentorship and seed funding from Spring Singapore and venture capitalists. is now looking to raise S.5 million to begin with.

JFDI chief Hugh Mason told BT: "Flip is a remarkably visionary initiative. There are still a lot of very conservative legal firms in every territory, but there are also some great instances of machine learning applied to evidence discovery etc." He added: "It will be interesting because tech is not going to make lawyers redundant but supercharge them.

The anti ship missiles will be aimed at the American aircraft carriers and North Korean medium range missiles against all the major targets in Japan and Guam.He knew very well that the troops were there to support him in case the mad Americans and barbaric Japanese attacked.And he can continue to defy the Americans and call the American bluff.Come April, the country will be home to South-east Asia's first legaltech accelerator. , it aims to groom legaltech startups as well as incubate new business models or services conceived by law firms.This was unveiled by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) on Wednesday at the launch of its Future Law Innovation Programme (Flip), an initiative announced last July that will prepare the legal industry - said to be one of the last to think about innovation - for technological disruption.

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