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Pi sa mi tie anl a budem rada, ke mi ho str do zadoku a urob mi to pekne zozadu. The last few days have been super awesome, hanging with my friends @elizabethgadd, @shanemichaelblack, @jarradseng & @thehatchling here in the valley.Didn’t plan to still be here after three days continuously eating all of the @volcanohuts cake but that’s just how it goes here in Iceland, you never know what’s around the corner haha, and cheers to the legendary folk at @midgardadventure for giving the guys a ride home last night. Spent all of today drinking coffee and playing with the fox gang, all of five of them running around in the puddles.Could Sahara have been a forest just 700 years before Jesus’ time?Published: 15 hours ago WASHINGTON – Science has lots of ideas about the ancient catastrophic climate change that almost all agree occurred to …


Swiss newspaper reports Israel, Saudi Arabia, working together to prevent Iran’s expansion in the Middle East.

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