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Sex manny tek

” crap—are basically on the same level with the Yankees in terms of buying a championship.They had the best offseason of any team, and that’s because they spent a ton of money.Really, though, I just want to see Bernie the Brewer go down that slide as much as possible.I love that guy.♦◊♦NL: I think you mentioned this earlier, and I want to touch on how unique the baseball season is, versus any other sport.More often than not, luck is the deciding factor, and the title goes to the team that can both stay healthy and peak at the right time (I’m looking at you, San Francisco Giants). And we’re relying on a bunch of guys I would’ve wanted on my fantasy team in 2003 to bring this team back to the World Series. By the end of the season, you guys—like everyone else—won’t be able to stand yourselves. for no other reason than I selfishly want to see them do well.I know it’s sometimes hard to fathom, but there are 28 other teams in the Major Leagues and one of them will probably win the World Series instead of the Sox or Yankees. Back when Sabathia wasn’t winning trophies for the Yankees and Milwaukee was actually good, the stadium was buzzing.Who do you think could shock the pundits and be this year’s Giants? S.: Everyone still hates the Yankees.♦◊♦RO: All right, I’ll stop lying to myself. Milwaukee fans are awesome when you give them something to cheer about.It could be the last year for Prince Fielder, so this could be it as far as this golden—eh, more like copper—generation goes in Wisconsin. If you don’t root for, your heart is made of coal (he has a bad social anxiety disorder).

Meanwhile, the performance of the -million men, John Lackey and Josh Beckett, wavered between average (Lackey) and ugly (an injury-plagued Beckett). The Fenway Faithful have already loaded up on D-cell batteries, prepping for another season of maddeningly long at-bats and astronomical pitch counts from the enigmatic righty.

It’s just On the one hand you have teams like the Brewers, Marlins, and A’s—squads in smaller markets loaded with great, young talent (OK, I admit it, I’m obsessed with Brett Anderson; plus, year after year, the A’s have the best TV ads).

If any of these teams pull off any sort of run, I’m in (until they play the Sox, of course).

The only thing that matters to me is where we stand in relation to the Red Sox.

And the Sox—for all their “Hey look at us, we’re the lovable losers!

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Opening Day is when we get to see all those ideas pushed in motion, climbing slowly—so slowly—toward a conclusion.

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