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8 One of the standout stars of series one was undoubtedly Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret.Fans will be pleased she’s back from the start of series two – and she’s just as hard-living and rebellious as ever.According to a recent study done by travel dating website, Miss, American women find British and Scottish accents the sexiest for men.Meanwhile, men prefer to fawn over Israeli and Colombian accents in women.And it’s still available to stream on Netflix if you need to catch up.

Results of the survey revealed that over 20 per cent of women are most attracted to men with British accents - with just over 18 per cent voting for guys with a Scottish accents.

(In real life, the Queen paid for hers with rationing coupons.) 3 Claire Foy and those clipped vocal tones return as the Queen. In real life, Claire is 33 and will pass the role over to Olivia Colman for series three, which will cover the monarch’s slightly later life.

Matt Smith is also back as the Duke of Edinburgh – there’s no news yet as to who’ll replace him in the role.

That means it’s broken its own record for being the most expensive series ever made.

In series one, the replica of Her Majesty’s wedding dress apparently cost a whopping £27,000.

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