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The frame story of Fallen Maidens sees its in-universe author, Wandering Scholar, fleeing from The Order after his (blasphemous) publication of Monster Girl Encyclopedia I.

He seeks refuge in the recently corrupted nation of Lescatie, and interviews its new ruler, Druella, the fourth lilim daughter of the Demon Lord.

In addition to recording more of his observations about monster girls, the Scholar includes case studies of several recently-monsterized women from the nation.

Each character biography gives a brief account of that particular character's story (background, history, etc.) before showing how the character changes after being transformed by demonic energy.

It is said that there was a lot of dissent amongst the people to begin with because the nation was managed by the upper echelon of The Order for the Order's conveniences.

It was published on August 14th, 2011 at Comiket 80.

The queen " Francisca Mistel Lescatie" rules, but she is infatuated with Druella who changed her into a monster, so she's a puppet and Druella holds the true authority.

The left over hero-raising facilities and churches were mainly converted into pleasure quarters for the entertainment of monsters and incubi.

It functions as a sequel to Monster Girl Encyclopedia I, although here the book follows a different format, discussing individual places and people within the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world.

There is a companion collection of novellas which go into more detail on the characters involved: Monster Girl Encyclopedia Stories: Fallen Brides.

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For a while, the area around where it was dropped becomes overflowing with highly thick demonic energy.