Radcalendar selected date not updating

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There is a sample project that uses the custom Date Picker class and demonstrates how the source property get set when you enter a date in the Text Box that can be downloaded from the MSDN code gallery here. The sample WPF application consists of a single window with a Custom Date Picker control and Text Block element that displays the current value of the same Date Time source property of a view model that is bound to the Selected Date property of the Custom Date Picker control: Date Picker Class: Binding. Workaround: create a custom Bing Rest Map Provider classpublic class Custom Bing Rest Map Provider : Bing Rest Map Provider Please refer to the attached sample project and follow the steps illustrated in the gif file. Row Validating Event Args e) To reproduce: Grid View1. Workaround: use the Row Validating event instead: private void rad Grid View1_Row Validating(object sender, Telerik.

A screen shot of the running web form is shown below. In this example we will use a Data Table, but you should pick what works best for your application. Add Days(-5); row["Description"] = "Poker game at Scott's"; row["Url"] = " The event has an argument of type Day Render Event Args.A solution to this issue is to define your own custom Date Picker class that extends the built-in one and handles the Text Changed event of the Date Picker Text Box.You can get a reference to the Date Picker Text Box in the Date Picker’s control template and hook up an event handler for the event by overriding the base class’ On Apply Template() method: In the Text Changed event handler you can then parse the value of the Date Picker’s Text property using the System. Try Parse Exact method and, providing that the Text property actually contains a valid date, then set the Selected Date property of the Date Picker: An important thing to notice in the above sample code is that the Date Time.In this article, we will use the Calendar control and Data Grid controls to display a calendar of events.The calendar will display small icons and highlight each day where an event occurs. // Unlike the Data Grid, the Calendar control has no built in ability to data bind, but the control does allow us to modify the format and content rendered by catching the Day Render event.

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