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If you care to look through the main site itself you can see varying contributions from other ladies throughout the years.

We would also have to buy the domain with the same name.

I was always being asked advice on various things and so was Sarah-Jane.

We said to each other, instead of writing the same advice to different would-be escorts all the time, how about we set up a website sharing the collective advice and views of not just ourselves, but of various other escorts, too?

I thought of the acronym SAFE for a url but unfortunately it was taken, but SAAFE wasn't, and thus Support and Advice for Escorts was born.

Sarah Jane, being the most techy-minded out of the two of us set up the website and between the two of us asked other escorts for their contributions to our new site.

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We are independent and have entered into this profession of our own free will - not a coercive force in sight!

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