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Angela Baldwin's sister, Sarah, spotted the car on her street and noticed it had been vandalised.Ms Baldwin, 37, said: 'The owners are going to have a shock when they get back of their holiday.'They were obviously seen walking off with their cases.Personally I think this is a little extreme.'I've heard that the person who wrote on the car did only that and since then the windows have been smashed and the other damage caused by kids.'The writing looks easily washed off, however, since the writing was done, that then has given whoever the green light to smash it up.'Samir Hissaund, an IT consultant, has a Ford Focus parked outside his property that has graffiti written on it and claims that it is a regular occurrence on his road.Mr Hissaund, 32, said: 'The car parked there three or four weeks ago now.'It's a regular occurence for people to park on our street when they go to the airport.It's much worse on that street, but it's spreading to mine now too.'I believe the local council are going to start using permits for residents to help combat it.I think you'll probably get two permits per household.'We just got a leaflet through the other day.Luton reached the First Division in 1955–56 and contested a major final for the first time when playing Nottingham Forest in the 1959 FA Cup Final.The team was then relegated from the top division in 1959–60, and demoted twice more in the following five years, playing in the Fourth Division from the 1965–66 season.

Locals on a street in Luton, Bedfordshire, have taken pictures of the Range Rover, which is one of two with its windows smashed.

Another car, which appears to belong to a London-based window tinting business, is also covered in white paint which reads 'selfish git' and 'this is not airport parking' spread across the windscreen.

It is believed the car had been parked there for more than two weeks when it was vandalised last Sunday on a street that is a 10-minute drive from the airport.

We understand that parking issues can cause frustration, but we would discourage anyone from taking matters into their own hands.'Instead we would urge anyone with frustrations about parking in their local area to report these issues to their local authority, which handles parking matters.'PCSOs are being deployed to the area to carry out enquiries and reassure the community.

is a professional association football club based at Kenilworth Road, Luton, Bedfordshire since 1905.

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The club's history includes major trophy wins, several financial crises, numerous promotions and relegations, and some spells of sustained success.