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Becky's mother, Nicky Romero, 46, said: 'I can't say I'm happy - that is the wrong word because my daughter is dead, but I do feel like this is the start of getting justice for Becky.' (pictured: Darren North, Nicky Romero, Tony Romero and Ana Romero)Becky's care was not as good as it could have been because there were no beds or places available at the city's only adolescent mental health unit, Riverside, around six weeks before her death.

Ms Voisin said Becky's death was accidental - in that it could not be certain she intended to take her own life - but that it was the result of neglect.

When the King of Sweden, Magnus Eriksson married Blanche of Namur, he asked his kinswoman, Birgitta to come and be Lady-in Waiting and to teach the young queen the language and customs of her new country.

Despite this she was released from care the following day.

Her body was found by father Tony, 47, on Wednesday, July 19 - just five days after she was released from Pebble Lodge.

Birgitta remained in a little house near the abbey and she spent along hours in prayer by Ulf's grave.

She said that she 'loved him like my own body.' She arranged her affairs among her children and various charities and prayed for guidance.

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Saint Birgitta was the daughter of Uppland's Lagman, Birger Petersson and his wife, Ingeborg, who was a member of the same clan as the reigning family.