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Non-sexual touch while dating

While some authors, notably John Boswell, have claimed that ecclesiastical practice in earlier ages blessed "same sex unions", the accurate interpretation of these relationships rests on a proper understanding of the mores and values of the participants, including both the parties receiving the rite in question and the clergy officiating at it.

(See: You Will Have an Affair If…) But touch can also be used in a positive way. Nearly every problem is a symptom of a communication problem. Often touch can communicate in a way which words cannot. If you want to improve your marriage, touch more often.

In part, I remember the touch because the semester that Jenny and I began to date I was taking a class on Human Sexuality as part of my minor in Family Psychology.

In class I had learned that women almost always make the first touch if they are interested in a man.

Giovanni Tomassia in the 1880s and Paul Koschaker in the 1930s, whose works Boswell knows and cites, had already reached this conclusion.

It should be noted that historian Robert Brain has also traced these ceremonies from Pagan "blood brotherhood" ceremonies through medieval Catholic ceremonies called "gossipry" or "siblings before God," on to modern ceremonies in some Latin American countries referred to as "compadrazgo"; Brain considers the ceremonies to refer to romantic friendship.

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believe that the descriptions of relationships such as David and Jonathan or Ruth and Naomi in this religious text establish that the customs of romantic friendship existed and were thought of as virtuous in the ancient Near East, despite the simultaneous taboo on homosexuality.