Netgear validating identity wireless router

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Netgear validating identity wireless router

Mobile device security has not kept up with mobile device malware and if hackers can infect a mobile device, it’s an easy way to hack into the network.

Baiting Baiting means dangling something in front of a victim so that they take action.

This is an updated glossary based on our years in Sunbelt Software as an antivirus developer, and in Know Be4 as a Gartner Leader in the security awareness training space. Each letter starts with acronyms in alphabetical order, then full words.

(last updated 12/6/2017) ACH Automatic Clearing House, companies that do Electronic Funds Transfers.

In our case, we want to communicate with our customer's AD (using LDAP) to synchronize changes in new users and people leaving the company with the database of users on our side so that there is much less or no user management left to do for the system admin at our customer.

An organizational unit (OU) is a subdivision within an Active Directory into which you can place users, groups, computers, and other organizational units.

Some examples of attack vectors can be un-patched software, badly written code that allows for buffer overflows, or social engineering using infected phishing attachments.

It can be through a peer-to-peer or social networking site in the form of a (porn) movie download or it can be a USB drive labeled “Q1 Layoff Plan” left out in a public place for the victim to find.

Once the device is used or malicious file is downloaded, the victim’s computer is infected allowing the criminal to take over the network.

Backdoor A backdoor in a PC is a method of bypassing normal authentication, obtaining remote access to a PC, while attempting to remain undetected. Battlecard A document that Sales uses internally, which lists the strengths and the weaknesses of a specific competitor combined with the strengths of our own product.

The backdoor may take the form of an installed program (e.g., Back Orifice), or malware could modify existing software on the PC creating a backdoor that way. Banker Trojan Banker Trojans, designed to steal financial information entered into browser-based online forms are the cybercriminals’ answer to the crackdown on keylogging.

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