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My blog is not updating

I never realized consistency was important until it affected my traffic….Sometimes, I used to write a blog each week, while other times I would write five blog posts a week.Over time, I got lazy and the quality of my content continually decreased.This prompted a handful of people to email me and tell me how I sucked.Treat it like gold and do whatever you can to protect it.Make sure every piece of content you put out on the web is a masterpiece because if you screw up once, it will be on the web forever.

I guess this is (one of) the power(s) of Docker ;-).

As you might have read in my previous post, I am setting up a demo environment to be used during my session at NAVTech Days.

Well, today, Microsoft announced the new November release of the “NAV Developer Preview”.

Obviously, I want to use these new features during my session, so I need to update my environment. In this blogpost, I’m addressing the steps that I took very shortly .. 1 – Update the image First you do is update the image that you use to set up your container.

You can easily do this by using the command “docker pull”.

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