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It never occurred to me that I would not have similar employment opportunities as I did back home because of the vows I took.

I thought moving around the country would be exciting.

Without the preference, my application would not meet the qualifications needed to secure an interview.

The civilian pay office advised me to use it wisely.

We have to be loyal to the military and its demands, and that means we must leave our jobs when our significant other’s orders dictate a move.

I thought the days of being passed over for employment were behind me.

Within months he transferred to another department, and eventually the job series was redesigned to be occupied by a soldier.

I am married to the Army, so I am expected to mind the front lines by making sacrifices and serving my household so my partner can do the same for his country.

If I don’t disclose my status, I risk looking unreliable and unprofessional due to the gaps in time on my résumé., “There are many different ways that a military person’s career can be translated, and a lot of times, the civilian private sector doesn’t know how to make that connection.” But one thing that has yet to be discussed is how some military installation spouses compete against veterans for jobs.

In the current system, if both partners need to work, the civilian spouse is always at a significant disadvantage.

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This is not to say that many military companions can’t work successfully.

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