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Lfm radio lausanne online dating

The Fête de la Musique (FR), Festival de la Cité (FR) and Lausanne Estivale are hosted every summer.Nearby live music festivals include the Paléo and Caribana (FR) in Nyon, the world renowned Montreux Jazz Festival and Rockozarenes (FR) in Avenches.As a result do the have theme nights for - "Reggae Special" This was apparently introduced in the early 80s and nobody ever told them since that the music isn't that popular.- "Rock Special" They don't play the latest pop rock stuff, but anything from Sepultura to some ancient live recording of some 60s progressive rock...The problem is exasperated by is currently being midway between FM and DAB reception development.I don't have the figures, but I would say that at least 50% still listen on FM, where the choice is limited.

He shares a few of his essential tips with us for conducting successful, captivating interview.At lease down here in the Geneva, that's all we get.There must be a lot of jazz lovers down here, but no jazz on the radio.In youth culture, you dress in a style that emulates your music taste and its artists, and going by what you see walking down the streets in Lausanne, Swiss youth were all actually born in American or French ghettos..So, in order to remain a popular station, they will play the sounds that are popular globally.

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