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How could I have stood up for myself in a more professional way? It’s one thing to be dissatisfied with a raise and advocate for more; that’s fine and reasonable.But what you did was more like tossing a bomb into the relationship.An absolutely wonderful experience.” Lindsay Klein, Write a Novel Course, September 2017, Cape Town“Fantastic and worth every moment.Rosemary is kind and informative, always happy to answer a question.It truly felt like she cared about my progress in the course and wanted me to succeed. She corrected my mistakes constructively and made me feel like I could push myself to write even better.I look forward to registering and completing my next course with you.” Kirsty Chalmers, Grammar for Writers Course, September 2017, Durban“The course is well organised and the instructions are straightforward, making it an ideal online course. Her feedback challenged me to apply my mind to every piece of writing.

Especially considering that I accepted a below-average starting salary to get my foot in the door at this company?

But for what it’s worth, your employer never owes you a raise.

You’re in a business relationship, where you get to (professionally) advocate for what you think is reasonable, and if your employer doesn’t agree to it, you get to decide if it’s a deal-breaker for you or not.

(And if you decide that it is, you find another position and then give notice.) I very much doubt that your boss tried to pull one over on you and is now angry that it didn’t work.

I mean, I suppose that’s possible, but it’s far more likely that he’s just totally taken aback by your response and is trying to figure out how and whether to move forward, as any manager — good or bad — would be. You said that you’ve apologized several times to your boss. Ideally it needs to be something like, “I’m mortified by my reaction when you told me about my raise.

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