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Dating24 cn ua

In the Middle Stone Age, industries based on flake tools developed from those of the early Stone Age. PLEISTOCENE PERIOD IN SIND (THE STq NB AGE) MESOLITHTC PERIOD 10.013-5,5000 B. (Tentative): Neolithic revolution started in the Mid- dle East, as shown by excavations at Jarmo, Jericho and Catal Huyuk. Fishing hooks, harpoons, nets and bird or animal traps were developed then. Wild cattle (Bos Pimigenius) was domesti- cated in Greece and Crete by 6000 B. It was not until the Neolithic & Chalco- lithic cultures under which self-suffi- ciency in food producing economy was achieved with reserves for future. Everywhere it is only the extension of the Upper Palaeolithic. People settled in villages and later on in cities whic'i some times were fortified. The men lived in small groups- always in danger of extinction, high rate of mortality and low life expectancy. The mesolithic man depending mostly on fishing from the Indus, trapping birds from the Indus forests and also hunting, must have moved probably from the Deccan and often from the Punjab and Baluchistan. While drilling for water, I came across charcoal and stone pieces from depth of bpto 100 feet and even more This collection along with the data of the site was kept at Tando Jam Workshop and appears to have been lost now Messrs to CHRONOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF SIND ■ Hunting Technical Services were also able to find some pieces of stone while drilling. The earliest stone age was connected with simple hunting and food gathering, but no provision for future require- ments. I About 12,000 years back the sea started receding from the Upper Sind.

Principal tools were scrapers of flakes together with other flake tools and core. meat v cut by slicing slabs was cooked in lined roasting pits like Tandur of to-day. Cooking was done in lined (stone or mud) roasting pits. 21, 25 and 28, he states that sheep was the earliest known domesticated animal in 8900 B. Cattle, pigs, etc., came slightly later in the Nor- thern Iraq. PAGE 1 6 17 22 28 35 50 58 61 68 PARTHIANS RULE OF SIND, (46 - 78 A. KUSHAN RULE AND DEVELOPMENT OF BUDDHIST ARCHITECTURE, (65 - 283 A. Sindhology has also published a number of articles of Mr. The maps and photographs give pictographic history of Sind and have their own place. Panhwar, referred in the introduction in the journal Sindhology, to make available to the reader all new information collected, while the book was in press. It is earnestly hoped that the information in this book will open new venues for research..

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The "Chronological Dictionary of Sind" containing 531 pages, 46 maps 14 charts and 130 figures is one of such publications. m CONTENTS CONTENTS OF TEXT CONTENTS OF MAPS AND CHARTS CONTENTS OF FIGURES INTRODUCTION BY AUTHOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS TEXT BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX PAGE VII X XIV XXI xxvn 1 -392 after Page 392 Page 1-65 Page 1-70 CONTENTS OF TEXT J 1.

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