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“I realize my blurting-it-out style was my own insecurities about sobriety.

I celebrate it now.” * Some names have been changed for privacy.

“Its something that will affect me if and when I settle down and have children, since I would not be able to take these medicines [while pregnant],” she explains.

“Its never an easy thing to come clean with.” Not every relationship hides a secret like this one, but plenty of people face similar decisions about how much they should tell a new companion.

“Of course it can be painful, but if thats the case, its better to know before you get too involved,” Sussman says.

“Its complicated if you withhold it and they find out too late.

However, she hasnt told him about her bipolar disorder—yet. [But] I truly believe when you share a life with someone, you need to be in it together,” she says. “Its hard not to kill the mood with your health secret, because its probably not something that can be easily segued from a topic you would normally discuss,” Davis says.

Right also means telling him that she has bipolar disorder.

Though she takes medication to manage her condition, she still lives with residual symptoms: She has trouble sleeping for more than two hours at a time, and can't shake her cigarette habit—traits that she feels a date might question.

Some confidential information can't stay that way forever—if you take daily medication or if you have a condition with visible symptoms, for example.

Other events in your medical history, such as addictions, mental illness, past surgeries, and health scares, can easily remain a secret—but should they?

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