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Darren clarke dating again

Lyn and her family move into Ramsay Street just minutes after the Martin family leave.Despite trying to be polite, Lyn manages to insult her new neighbours.Gino Esposito (Shane Mc Namara) takes over the salon and despite sacking Lyn, they become friends.Lyn and Joe's son Jack (Jay Bunyan) moves in and Lyn's aunt, Valda (Joan Sydney) makes a brief visit.You'll see an old favourite return to the street in the second half of 2009. " Of her decision to leave, Andrewartha said "I originally came back in a guest role and ended up staying for nearly two years, so the extra time has been a bonus.

Lyn sells her home and moves in with Paul, they then begin a relationship and get engaged.

Shortly after they marry, Paul tells Lyn that he will break her heart and he leaves.

Lyn is devastated and she and Oscar move to Shelley Bay.

Lynette "Lyn" Scully is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Janet Andrewartha.

The character made her first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 20 October 1999, along with her family and remained a prominent feature within the show until late 2006.

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