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Creole dating

Traditional African-American food—sometimes referred to as “soul food”—is diverse and flavorful with origins in Africa, the West Indies, and American southern states.

The idea of what soul food is differs greatly among African Americans.

Elders are respected and often provide care for their grandchildren.

However, through health education and increased awareness of healthy eating practices, African Americans are replacing traditional pork products with turkey, fried foods with baked foods, and starchy vegetables with tomatoes and green vegetables.

National programs to improve diet quality and the overall health of African Americans and other minority groups have been initiated.

Many are affiliated with Christian denominations—notably Baptist and Church of God in Christ. Maintaining good health is associated with good religious practice.

Many churches maintain a health ministry, through which congregations and parish nurses support good health with flu shots, blood pressure checks, and health education.

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Older African Americans may be suspicious of clinicians, believing their health is personal and up to God’s will.