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It concluded on the objective evidence and expert evidence before it that the evidence of risk did not reach the low standard of a reasonable likelihood nor the severity threshold for persecution or Article 3 ill-treatment.4.

The Immigration Judge in this appeal reached essentially the same finding.

In the letter his solicitors indicated that the appellant had converted to the Christian faith, and in support statements were tendered from Christian friends of the appellant in the United Kingdom.3.

The appellant was interviewed on 1 February 2007, and asked a number of questions about his new faith.

As a woman the appellant’s daughter could not be expected to protect the appellant in Afghanistan.3.

The Immigration Judge accepted, as had the respondent, that the appellant had converted to Christianity and he also accepted that he would be “viewed with disdain” by Muslims in his own country and that they may be hostile to him.

The objective evidence before the Tribunal at that time showed there was an absence of anecdotal evidence about the problems faced by apostates.His appeal against that decision was heard by Immigration Judge Ross on and he dismissed the appeal on both asylum and human rights grounds.The Immigration Judge set out the appellant’s immigration history at paragraphs 1-5 of his determination:“1.Local Muslims spit at him in the street.(xi) The appellant has been told by Muslims in his local area that although they cannot harm him in the United Kingdom, he would be killed by “people that they know” in the event of return to Afghanistan.(xii) The appellant was baptised on 8 October 2005.He regularly attends Hounslow West Evangelical Church.(xiii) The appellant has no family network in Afghanistan.(xiv) Contact with the appellant’s son ceased after his son was told of his conversion.(xv) The appellant has no contact with his daughter.

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The appellant is a national of Afghanistan, who was born on 1 January 1960.

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