Chemdraw alternative online dating

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Chemdraw alternative online dating

Three major pieces of software come into play for round trip editing: (1) the structure editor; (2) the word processor; and (3) the operating system (mainly through its system clipboard).Although most widely-used and best-understood system has for years been Chem Draw and Word on Windows, many other combinations have been tried with varying degrees of success.In my own tests, structures pasted from Chem Draw 12.0.3 into Open Office Writer 3.4.1 on either OS X or Windows resulted in low-resolution images that could not be in turn pasted back into Chem Draw.

For example: My own test confirmed that structures pasted from Chem Draw into Pages 4.3 (1048) on OS X 10.7.5 can not be pasted back into Chem Draw.Although sticking within a narrow band of software components generally gives good results, straying outside this configuration can lead to problems quickly.My current work with Chem Writer has led me to ask to what extent round-trip editing of chemical content is a problem that still needs fixing.The process of moving a chemical structure or drawing from a structure editor to a word processor and back is called "round trip editing".This article is a short compilation of some of the round trip editing problems that have been reported while trying to get structure editors and word processors to play nice together.

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